Why Plumbase couldn’t be without PartsArena TradeCounter

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Why Plumbase couldn’t be without PartsArena TradeCounter

Over 91% of stores agreed that PartsArena Tradecounter has improved their customer service levels.

As the provider of the most trusted heating parts identification system, we wanted to know  how and why TradeCounter works so well for our stockist customers.  So we turned to Plumbase, one of the premier heating parts suppliers in the UK for their feed back. What we discovered was more than we could ever have imagined.  Read the full report here

Saves time serving on the counter, avoids keeping the customer waiting to be served, avoids the wrong parts being sold/refunded” –
Trevor Burgess – Technical Director – Plumbase

90% of survey respondents highlighted TradeCounter helped them deal with ‘phone queries more effectively.
74% of Plumbase respondents agreed ‘TradeCounter is a valuable training tool’.
61% said that use of TradeCounter has helped reduce returned parts in their branches
87% of Plumbase respondents agreed that they are more cost- effective due to PartsArena TradeCounter


PartsArena provides our store staff all the information they need to provide the best possible spares information for customers. They simply couldn’t be without it.” Aidan Ogle – Spares Director – Plumbase

TradeCounter is used by parts stockists all over the UK.  Essential for your daily work, Tradecounter eliminates guesswork, reduces parts returns, and makes customers happier.  Engineers will rely on your staff’s expertise for a faster fix.  Access information on 235,000 UK boiler parts and 127 manufacturers. All for less than £7 a week. Your customer service (and operational efficiencies) will transform.

If you’re looking to improve your customer service and boost staff morale message us for a chat about how PartsArena TradeCounter can help, or call us on 01332 253170.


Parts Arena is the UK heating industry’s most trusted and accurate library of parts and technical information.  Direct from the manufacturer, PartsArena’s data provides access to countless boiler models and parts for fast yet accurate spares identification.  PartsArena TradeCounter  is available as a desktop system for stockists to assist both staff and customers in their stores.

For more information about PartsArena please contact 01332 253 170, send us a message  or visit our website www.partsarena.com
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