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Make your eCommerce website a trusted parts identification resource

Repeat custom, less returned parts and more profit

Customers like to buy from websites they trust, so how can online parts stockists keep customers returning?  One of the solutions is to make your website a trusted parts identification resource as much as it is a sales platform.

PartsArena embedded into your ecommerce website is a great way to grow online sales.  Web customers will return on a daily basis because they have access to the industry’s most sought-after parts identification tool.

Rewarding your loyal account customers with access to PartsArena will make your website ‘sticky’ – meaning holding their attention for longer.

Appearing in an i-frame on your website, parts can be identified, then added directly into your website shopping cart.

PartsArena remains bang up to date, minimising the risk of an error. Accessible via any mobile device whilst on-site, the data on the HWOS website is continually refreshed. It’s a powerful tool.

Aaron Scott – Heating World of Spares

By systematically using PartsArena on our website, engineers instantly know our stock levels, when the part will be delivered and how much it will cost. They’ll leave their customer fully informed and with confidence of a fast fix. By being on top of the situation, the engineer can secure return business from satisfied customers, their proven performance endorsing them.

Aaron Scott – Heating World of Spares

You can read here how Heating World of Spares, a stockist based in Bishop Auckland, is selling spares all over the UK with the help of PartsArena.