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Hundreds of heating parts stockists rely on PartsArena TradeCounter in their stores because it enables their staff to give the best possible parts advice to customers.

98% of users say TradeCounter has improved their customer service, for a little over £7 per week investment.

PartsArena TradeCounter provides accurate parts identification, less ambiguity, improved customer service and more efficiency in your stores.

This also means re-stocking returned parts is less common, and of course, your store is more profitable.

For advising customers face-to-face or over the ‘phone, TradeCounter is the original and most trusted parts identification tool in spares stockists across the UK.

In a 2022 survey we asked Plumbase what PartsArena TradeCounter had done for their spares business. You can read the survey results here:

An invaluable addition to your business.

TradeCounter’s return on investment is soon realised.  For a little over £7 per week, hundreds of heating part stockists re-subscribe year on year and say they couldn’t be without it.

Guess-work and the time spent by your staff and customers to distinguish correct parts impacts on customer service and productivity.

Maybe a part is obsolete or has been superseded and the replacement isn’t entirely known?  With PartsArena directly to hand in the first instance, finding the correct part first-time is a game changer.

A PartsArena TradeCounter  licence costs £373.64 + vat per year.  Volume discounts available.

[TradeCounter] reduces returns drastically – Stephen Waymark – Assistant Manager – Plumbase
PartsArena, in simple terms, provides our store staff all the information they need to provide the best possible spares information for customers, they simply couldn’t be without it – Aidan Ogle – Spares Director – Plumbase