Parts success is achieveable. But first you have to solve the problem of DATA

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Is your service data as good as it could be?

Chances are, if you’re reading this, the answer is ‘no it could be better’

Managing parts to ensure a successful service operation is vital, but parts management is one of the main headaches in the heating business. Obtaining and keeping current, accurate data from one reliable resource, not to mention organising the taxonomy of said data, is a difficult task.  Fortunately, collating, converting, structuring and processing heating parts data is what we love to do, so you don’t have to.  CONTACT US

We could have built this data set ourselves, but it was far easier to partner with the experts in this field by using the PartsArena API – Jonathan Brewer – Chief Digital Officer – CET Ltd


Your core parts data is paramount to your service business, as it is what allows a spare part to be identified and specified. If this data isn’t current, has gaps or has come from varying unreliable sources, this could mean errors and indescrepancies in your processes, all of which cost money.

Our short video below explains how PartsArena data services could work in your service business
PartsArena data includes the description of the spare, which includes a defined taxonomy; manufacturer, part number, class, sub-class and  attributes such as codes, (including stockist).  This data can be included in your back office service systems to support your field team, spares ordering function, and inventory management by means of our API.

PartsArena is unique, because we have structured the data to be easily found in one repository using a system developed in-house.  Our technology has produced interactive diagrams, parts lists, part information, images and documents so the heating industry can utilise this data however they feel best fits their requirements. Read more here.

If data is keeping you awake at night, don’t hesitate to have an informal chat about what data gaps you have, what you want to achieve, and what a possible solution could look like:

01332 253180 or CONTACT US




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