How Cognito IQ and PartsArena integration has been a game changer for T Brown Group

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How Cognito IQ and PartsArena integration has been a game changer for T Brown Group

How you operate in terms of part ordering has a serious impact on your business. After all, service is the beating heart of your organisation, so it has to be right.

I still hear day-in day-out that heating companies STILL haven’t got this process fine tuned enough to give the best possible outcome for both customer and profitability. I find this frustrating and unnecessary!

There are hundreds of field service management solutions out there to help, the choice is daunting. But once you have taken that leap of faith and found one that works for you, I guarantee there will STILL be a missing link in the job chain.  Parts data.

That’s because, simply put, most field management solutions don’t provide parts information as standard. Weird really, as parts are a fundamental part of your service business.

This is why heating companies commonly choose a field service management provider who has an active integration with PartsArena Pro, because it makes job management seamless and complete.

PartsArena ensures we’re getting the right part number quicker.

And not having to manually input that number significantly reduces part ordering errors.

Having an automated process has made an incredibly positive impact to our operations.”

– Barry O’Callaghan, Head of Domestic Operations, T Brown Group

PartsArena Pro user T Brown Group succeed in complete job management by using integrated services with the help of Cognito IQ (recently acquired by Total Mobile Group), Wolseley and PartsArena.  If you want to know how, read their story here:

If you are looking to up your game because you simply cannot afford to carry on as you are, there are things you can do. If you are a current PartsArena Pro user, talk to your field management system supplier about an integration. Or, talk to us, and we will talk to them for you.

If you are not currently using PartsArena Pro but want to find out more, contact us and we will be waiting to answer your questions. To find out about our current integration partners, see Integration Partners

Parts Arena is the UK heating industry’s most trusted and accurate library of parts and technical information.  Direct from the manufacturer, PartsArena’s data provides access to countless boiler models and parts for fast yet accurate spares identification.  PartsArena Pro  is available as a stand alone or integrated app for field engineers.  A free 2 weeks trial is available through the Apple and Google stores.

For more information about PartsArena please contact 01332 253 170 or send us a message
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