PartsArena works with you every day. Handy functions make life easier for the engineer, and more cost-effective for your organisation.  It can reduce your time on-site and stop costly parts errors occurring. See what PartsArena can offer you.

Offline access

No internet connection? No problem. PartsArena Pro works where other tools don’t. Down in a basement. A remote area. Where signals must be switched off.

Data is stored locally (or SD card, if required). Download as much or as little manufacturer data as you need. 24/7 access to everything, 365 days a year. Always.

Don’t be let down by a dodgy signal.

Simplify your job management

If you don’t have access to field management software, here’s an easy way to create a job and keep everything in one place. Add your jobs to PartsArena Pro as they arise. Take a moment to input customer name, address and job number. You’re all set to allocate parts against this job. Then email the parts list to your office directly.

Time saved. Accurate information received.

Technical manuals

Access technical and installation manuals for 5,400 boiler models. Fully interactive, you’ll click on hyperlinks for speedy navigation; much quicker than a PDF. Find the right answer in an instant. No more scrolling or page-turning. Navigate easily to where you first started. It’s a breeze, and all available in one application.

Identify the fault faster.


Technical Manuals




Part Lists


Unique Parts

All the information you need

Over 23,000 interactive, exploded diagrams help you identify the right part. Click on hotspots and link to part information. Pinpoint part codes for accurate ordering in minutes.

View a full parts list by boiler model, complete with manufacturer and part codes. Just add the right part to your job’s pick list or field management system.

View a photo of the part and its availability from the manufacturer (where supplied). There’s no need to make a wrong choice anymore.

Avoid time-wasting return visits due to parts errors.

Find stockist codes, highlight favourite parts

It only gets easier and faster. Create a favourites list for frequently used models and parts. Add your own notes and reminders against a part and submit feedback.

Select your preferred stockist (including Wolseley, Sparesbase, Travis Perkins and Graham) to see catalogue codes. Want to find the nearest stockist location? Click on the stockist locator tool, by postcode or location. It comes complete with GPS directions.

Complete every job faster with the right information.

Access current data – always

Unlike relying on paper manuals or outdated search engine content, PartsArena is updated regularly, from the latest information supplied directly by manufacturers.

Our updates use a WiFi connection or remote data. Choose how you prefer to receive it.

No more errors due to old information.

** Note: available on Mobile (Pro) version.