Swale Heating delivers cost savings through smart integration with PartsArena Pro

Swale Heating keeps over 100,000 houses safe and warm across London, the South-East and the Midlands. Over 45 years old, with 280 heating engineers, the company has been using a stand-alone version of PartsArena Pro since 2007.

“It’s essential to our daily operation, playing a huge part in us delivering great service to all our customers,” said Steve Parish, CIO of Swale Heating.

But Swale Heating was ready for a game-changer. Aware how costly and inefficient it was to order wrong parts and return to site excessively, the company wanted to take a smart step forward and integrate its field service technology. Customer service levels, in addition to costs were at stake.The move was important on many levels.

Game-changing integration

A revolutionary, fully integrated version of PartsArena Pro from field service management system provider, Aeromark was the next move for Swale Heating.

“The Plumb and Parts Center eBusiness team together with Infomill’s PartsArena Pro experts and Aeromark have worked together to implement an efficient system that will help move our business forward significantly in a demanding market. Not only this, we can also tailor our service to the most convenient time for our customers, with limited impact on the business,” said Steve.

PartsArena Pro is the leading source of approved boiler manuals and parts data for the UK heating industry. It is used by more than 50,000 service and breakdown engineers, offering significant time efficiencies and cost savings due to swift and accurate diagnosis of the parts required to fix the problem.

The power of integrating PartsArena into a logistical service management and parts ordering process is tremendous. From first visit to final fix, everything is seamless. Errors are eliminated. Duplication is avoided. Cost and time are saved, whilst the customer experience is unsurpassed.

Here’s how it works

When Swale Heating receives a job order, Smarter Parts, Aeromark’s integrated parts system goes to work immediately, identifying the Asset and Serial Number whilst matching common faults with previously ordered parts for the same model. Using the Aeromark scheduling system the job is allocated to the best engineer which instantly sends all the necessary information to their mobile device.

Once the engineer is on site, the Aeromark app seamlessly integrates with PartsArena Pro, providing instant access to the relevant technical information needed at the point of service. The engineer can view interactive exploded diagrams, service and installation manuals in addition to parts lists; all of which allow easy identification of the parts required to complete the job. The correct part can then be selected by simply clicking on the link or diagram hotspot.

PartsArena Pro then promptly passes this information back to the Aeromark system.It then checks stock levels at all Plumb and Parts Center branches,plusthe location of customer vans in the vicinity in real time. Having carried out an automated approval process, the system orders the part, either for immediate collection or delivery, depending on the forecast travel time.

Roger Marks, MD of Aeromark sees the huge potential for this fully integrated system with PartsArena Pro: “The integration enables Aeromark to provide a more powerful solution for some of the biggest challenges in field service operations – getting the right parts, to the right place, in the optimum time. We are even able to forecast delivery times for the more obscure non-stock items and optimise dynamically whether the engineer should collect or order for delivery, based on daily workload and travel times”.

More and more heating companies are looking at how they can integrate PartsArena Pro into their system. And many field service management software providers are now working in partnership with PartsArena, appreciating the importance of the tool for heating engineers out in the field.

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The Automobile Association increases productivity by 15% with Solarvista field service management and PartsArena Pro integration

One of the UK’s most trusted brands and the undisputed leader in Roadside Assistance, The Automobile Association (The AA) also provides cover for home and heating emergencies and maintenance as part of the AA Insurance Services. Both parts of the business had been operating on a single platform. But it was clear that Home Services required a separate operational system to drive the growth of the business and deliver the efficiencies it constantly sought in addition to increased customer satisfaction.

After a complex Request for Proposal process, Solarvista was chosen as the supplier best positioned to provide The AA with the service, system and support necessary. Solarvista was also poised to fully integrate its field service system with PartsArena Pro, which would prove to be of great benefit to the Home Services’ heating and plumbing engineers out in the field.

The AA Home Services operation wanted a field service management solution that would:

  • Drive and measure field engineer efficiency
  • Provide high levels of customer service
  • Ensure end-to-end job management
  • Provide a flexible system that could develop and grow with the business
  • Proven results show the benefits of integration

Whilst delivering quantifiable results from the field workforce of heating and plumbing engineers was just one objective of the software installation, this is where PartsArena Pro and Solarvista deliver the greatest value.It has so far contributed to some notable performance improvements since first launch in September 2016:

  • Overall productivity improvement of 15% (this is continually rising)
  • 17% improvement in ‘First Time Fix’ rates
  • PartsArena Pro specifically improving ‘Second Time Fix’ rates
  • 8% reduction in time on site
  • Tasks per shift improvement of 15%
  • Reduction in calls made to the contact centre by 20%
  • Mobile field service knowledge

Engineer using Solarvista field service software with PartsArena softwarePartsArena Pro is now supplying critical knowledge to The AA’s Home Service engineers, via offline mobile devices. They can access the latest interactive data and information from manufacturers and suppliers such as exploded diagrams, parts codes and manufacturer technical manuals whilst out in the field, facilitating a speedy and accurate parts search coupled with the ability to add parts lists to jobs for automated ordering.  This helps to reduce engineer and back-office effort and has markedly improved the ‘Second Time Fix’ rate.

Ash Cripps, Home Services Business Systems Manager, The AA plc said: “In the age of self-service and automation, delivering fully integrated systems to the benefit of our members, employees and business alike was a critical requirement within our transformation project. The integration between Solarvista and PartsArena Pro that we have developed supports our engineers in resolving our members’ home emergencies as effectively and quickly as possible; and more of them per day, whilst also delivering a world-class experience to our members.

The project has delivered significant improvements to both ‘First and Second Time Fix’ rates, significant improvement to our engineers’ productivity, whilst also enabling our engineers to very quickly and accurately order parts and book their own return visits face-to-face with members via their mobile devices.  Additionally, their own core van stock of parts auto-replenishes without anyone having to place orders”.

Paul Allen is an engineer for The AA. Awarded AA Engineer of the Year, he has this to say about PartsArena Pro:

“Using PartsArena Pro has become part of my routine when servicing or repairing appliances to either get part numbers, fault-finding charts or specific servicing routines that certain manufacturers ask for.

The time and money saved by not having to phone manufacturers or merchants for parts numbers or technical information is just one of the benefits of this software. The installation manuals and detailed diagrams make doing the job so much easier, which reduces the time spent on each job, helping you to get more visits completed in your working day.

And you also have the confidence that the part you have ordered will be the correct one as you can see it clearly in the diagrams. Most parts also have a photo in the information to help you identify them accurately. It is great to not have to pick up the phone to order parts or arrange any return visits.”

The provision of PartsArena Pro data and functionality is very much an ongoing process. Improvements and enhancements are introduced at frequent intervals and data updated on a daily, almost real-time basis. This utilises the bespoke Infomill CMS, built in-house. Infomill will continue to work closely with Solarvista to ensure that The AA is receiving the optimum level of service where PartsArena Pro is concerned.

ROCC Uniclass Software + PartsArena Pro

ROCC’s Uniclass software enables social housing organisations to meet the rising standards for social housing repairs and maintenance services. Their software helps clients achieve their strategic goals through the planning and delivery of efficient, integrated and targeted services. Uniclass social housing repairs software supports the delivery of property repairs and maintenance services from start to finish. 

Two Solutions Commited to Social Housing Excellence

PartsArena Pro has long been used by housing associations to make fault diagnosis and parts identification quick and simple for service engineers, so partnering with an industry-specific management solution makes sense. Already one of the most experienced and trusted companies in the UK housing sector, now ROCC is able to go even further to deliver on client expectations. By partnering together, housing associations can achieve the business improvements need through this one-of-a-kind software integration. 

Less Time on Site

Engineers use PartsArena to quickly and correctly identify the neccessary part and then pass this back to the job in Uniclass with just a tap of their finger!

Fewer Incorrect Parts Orders

The part is ordered with total reassurance that the part code and description are correct, meaning less chance of a repeat time visit by the engineer.

Better Business

Faster parts identification, no incorrect part orders and fewer repeat visits mean lower service costs, stronger KPI results and happier customers!

Efficient Social Housing Maintenance Requires an Integrated Solution

The demands on housing associations are increasing and their KPIs are growing more challenging. By integrating PartsArena Pro, ROCC Uniclass software will streamline the maintenance and repair process, enabling clients to increase efficiency, reduce overall costs and offer a higher level of tenant satisfaction – something only an integrated solution can deliver!

Learn more about ROCC’s Uniclass software.

Integrated Technology in the News

In a recent article for HVP: Heating Ventilation and Plumbing Magazine, Infomill’s CEO Jonathan Ralphs discusses how integrated technology is helping housing associations reduce costs related to maintenance and repairs while also contributing towards meeting those demanding KPIs. Read more…

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Video: PartsArena Pro Integration with a Field Service Management System

Designed for easy integration with a wide range of field service platforms. Technicians can instantly access technical information, identify the correct part without navigating away or leaving the job information, and pass selected parts from PartsArena Pro straight to the work order or parts ordering system. End to end, seamless and accurate parts ordering will alleviate issues with repeat visits and create a more automated parts ordering process.


Webinar “Overview of Commusoft and PartsArena Pro integration”

Commusoft and PartsArena Pro have partnered to improve efficiency for field service technicians. Learn even more by watching the Commusoft and PartsArena Pro integration webinar!

Key benefits of using PartsArena Pro and Commusoft:

  • Manage and keep track of parts
  • Ensure the right technician has the right part on site
  • Sync in real time back to the office and increase technician utilisation rates
  • Track the cost and sales price of parts
  • Faster diagnosis, fewer errors and return visits
  • Engineers spend less time on-site
  • Engineers complete more jobs per day
  • Customers enjoy a faster fix

PartsArena Pro Helps Streamline Parts Ordering for Watret Central Heating

Based in St Albans, Watret are a family-based company who have been in the business of plumbing and heating since 1971.  The company has 19 servicing/breakdown engineers and 12 installation project based engineers covering contracts in social housing, local authority, domestic and commercial sectors.

Watret pride themselves on being technologically advanced, and as such this has enabled them to take their service to the next level and create efficiencies that have benefited their clients and residents alike.  The latest reporting systems, planning software and communications devices in the organisation have enabled Watret to be ahead of the competition, winning numerous contracts based on their forward thinking and ability to adhere to ever-important KPI’s and service driven targets.


As part of their strategy to improve processes, Watret needed a solution to help with accurate parts ordering that would be integrated into their IRIS Service Director field management system from Advanced.  The obvious solution to this was PartsArena Pro, being the industry-leading source of parts and technical data in the UK.  PartsArena Pro would provide the engineer with full access to all parts information offline, and the facility to transfer the results into Service Director for a fully automated parts ordering process.

The Solution

The solution was simple and extremely efficient, in that parts could be electronically added to the work order from PartsArena Pro.  By doing this the correct part information is automatically populated in a purchase order for distribution to their merchant.  This streamlines the whole parts ordering process, resulting in less manual intervention, less margin for error, quicker parts fulfillment and fewer return visits to a property.

The Results

The integration work, carried out by Advanced Computer Software, has meant that Watret can now assure their clients that a seamless and nearly foolproof parts ordering system is in place.  As such they are able to carry out service and repair jobs quicker and more cost effectively for little investment.  Engineers can provide a better customer experience and peace of mind that the job is being actioned professionally and to the very best of their ability.

Anthony Watret of Watret & Co says, “PartsArena has become such an integrated function in our parts ordering process. It has allowed us to integrate fully across the whole supply chain, manage costs on an individual property basis, automatically track when parts are at merchants and give our residents the best service possible.”

About PartsArena Pro

PartsArena Pro by Infomill Ltd, is the UK’s leading source of heating appliance data.  The system is used by heating companies and teams to assist with the correct diagnosis of faults and identity of correct part numbers for an improved first or second-time fix.

The system includes 100 manufacturers, 15000 appliances, 150,00 unique original parts, interactive exploded parts diagrams and service information.  Available on all operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows.

PartsArena is used and trusted by spares merchants and heating appliance manufacturers all over the UK and Ireland.

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PartsArena integration noted in H&V Award

Plumbing and heating specialist, A.C. Wilgar were delighted to win Smart Installer of the Year at the 2018 H&V Awards this month. Powered by Surefire field service software, the company has invested in its own pioneering app, with the latest integration being the addition of PartsArena data for optimal efficiencies in servicing.

Now in their 24th year, the H&V Awards are an annual celebration of excellence, forward thinking and the highest achievements across all areas of the UK building services industry supply chain including installers and service and maintenance companies.

In the past year, A.C.Wilgar, which has 3,000 customers on maintenance contracts and a turnover of £2.3m, has spent 7% of its turnover on developing and maintaining the Surefire app. The PartsArena integration was accompanied by a link up to the Wolseley database, enabling field service engineers to view parts numbers and “live” prices whilst on-site, delivering exemplary customer service. The award-winning company said: “To our knowledge, no other plumbing and heating firm has developed anything like this tool in-house”.

Surefire helps many hundreds of engineers in the heating and plumbing industry to organise and manage their day-to-day activities via an iOS enabled mobile device, streamlining work processes and minimising the requirement for time spent on paperwork and duplication of effort.

Of the awards achievement for A.C. Wilgar, Jonathan Ralphs, Infomill CEO said: “It’s hugely gratifying to be directly associated with a proactive plumbing and heating specialist that achieves high profile award recognition for their integration work that included PartsArena. We congratulate A.C. Wilgar in their forward-thinking move to enhance both productivity and customer service. It’s the perfect demonstration of just how powerful PartsArena can be when incorporated into field service software.”

ROCC Helps Housing Sector with PartsArena Pro Integration

A long-standing and trusted specialist in the UK housing sector, ROCC has fully integrated PartsArena Pro into its Uniclass software, helping gas service teams benefit from an end-to-end system that will enhance productivity and facilitate meeting stringent operational targets for gas boiler maintenance.

With well over 30 years’ experience, ROCC is a G-Cloud registered supplier for the social housing market, offering an innovative range of technology products and support to improve productivity and operational excellence in all areas. Whilst ROCC’s Uniclass software provides a robust and streamlined system for managing housing repairs and maintenance services, the company had identified a knowledge “gap” where boiler technical information was concerned.

Comments Peter Luck, Technical Director at ROCC: “Continually working to develop our products, we could see the frustration that housing associations experience when knowledge and data is disparate. PartsArena Pro has been an effective tool, long-used in the housing sector, but generally on a stand-alone basis. By fully integrating PartsArena Pro into Uniclass, heating engineers have a powerful and streamlined system that gives them accurate information at their fingertips, enabling them to find the correct parts and transfer the parts list to the job record directly. This in turn can reduce costs, improve tenant satisfaction and help to meet challenging KPIs.”

Heating engineers have historically held a great deal of essential parts information in their heads, which becomes a difficulty when they leave the company or retire. It is a practical impossibility to carry a full set of boiler manuals around, or to ensure that every boiler location displays one. Access to PartsArena Pro entirely deals with these challenges, regardless of the number of engineers that require access to this ever-growing bank of knowledge.

The leading heating parts identification software in the UK, PartsArena Pro provides essential data on more than 180,000 unique parts from no less than 110 different brands. Updated daily, it can provide engineers with 23,000 interactive, exploded diagrams to help with fault diagnosis, before providing the correct parts number to ensure far more accurate ordering. Stockist information is also held in PartsArena Pro, to allow for completion of the job, right up to parts ordering.

“We’re delighted to have worked closely with ROCC to integrate PartsArena Pro into Uniclass and this will pay huge dividends to the housing sector as a whole,” says Jonathan Ralphs, CEO of Infomill Ltd. “Leaders in their field, ROCC have great insight into the issues that housing associations face and their ever-improving products and support deliver excellent results where productivity, efficiency and cost management is concerned. We look forward to a long-term partnership with ROCC and their many customers,” he adds.

Click here for more information on ROCC.

Commusoft Field Service App Chooses PartsArena Pro Integration

An all-in-one job management software that is perfect for field service operations, whether a company has two or 500 engineers, Commusoft now offers PartsArena Pro as a fully integrated service, helping engineers to achieve faster and more accurate fixes every day.

The Commusoft app, which operates on Android and can be accessed via most mobile devices, already connects the office, engineers and customers for many daily communication and organisational tasks such as booking appointments, job management and invoicing. The addition of PartsArena Pro will now be welcomed by heating engineers when out in the field, enabling them to easily identify the fault and part number required through direct access to technical manuals, exploded diagrams and parts number lists. The details are added to the job and an order placed by the office immediately. It’s one more essential function that can now be achieved via the Commusoft app, making this software even more powerful and driving further efficiencies and cost savings.

This is exactly how field service software businesses can benefit from PartsArena Pro, as Infomill CEO, Jonathan Ralphs explains: “We’re talking to an increasing number of field service operators when it comes to PartsArena Pro integration. Engineers and service companies want to use one piece of software that solves all of their problems and helps them to become more productive, which in turn will reduce their operating costs. The right technology is clearly the answer and with regard to heating engineers, PartsArena Pro – the leading source of parts information in the UK – has become an essential tool.”

Commusoft offers software that is suitable for very small businesses in addition to much larger operators. Indeed, one of the advantages of the software is that it can grow with the business.

For further information about how you can integrate PartsArena Pro into your field service software, please get in touch with us to learn more.